A Gracious and Successful Week with Ribolla Gialla


4parts is signed up for the TTB‘s weekly newsletter providing updates on labeling requirements, and we always get a kick out of their salutations.  I think they have a grab-bag of adjectives, and they pull two new ones out each week.  Today they would like to wish everyone a gracious and successful week!

In this edition, the TTB details the rules behind using grape varieties on your wine label.  Their new page on Wine Grape Varieties will tell you what grape varietal names you can use, what percentage of your wine must be from that specific variety, and how you go about listing more than one variety on the label of your wine.  The bottom of the page has a list of all the TTB-approved grape names — have you ever had a wine made with the Ribolla Gialla grape?  Or how about Grüner Veltliner?