TTB Increases List of Acceptable Changes


Did you know that the second label above (an example straight from the TTB!) would NOT need to be re-submitted to the TTB for approval? The TTB is making your lives easier, and we’ve been amazed the number of revisions that can be made to a label that’s already been approved!

4parts loves the answer “YES!” Here are several cases in which the answer is strongly in the affirmative.

Can I…

Delete any non-mandatory label information like text, illustrations, graphics? YES!
Reposition any of that same label information? YES!
Change the color, shape, or size of a label? YES!
Change the type size or font, or correct spelling and punctuation? YES!
Add, delete, or change UPC barcodes or QR codes, a website address, or phone number? YES!
Change the stated blend percentages of grape varietals? YES!
Change the appellation of origin? YES!
Add, change, or delete the vintage date? YES!
Change the optional “produced” or “made by” statement to “blended,” “vinted,” “cellared,” or “prepared by?” YES!
Change the mandatory statement of alcohol content? YES!
Change the name (or trade name) to reflect a different name that’s been approved for your use? YES!
Add, delete, or change trademark, copyright symbols, kosher symbols, company logos, or social media icons? YES!
Add, delete, or change holiday- or seasonal-themed graphics or artwork? YES!

For more changes you can make to your labels, and for additional information, visit the TTB’s website at